Help me resolve a few synonyms

Dan Moerman dmoerman at
Sat Aug 6 11:54:12 EST 1994

I am working on a big catalog of native American medicinal, food, dye and 
fiber plant use.  I have a few items which I just cannot track down. Perhaps 
someone will recognize a one or another of these:

In 1905 JW Blankinship reported that the Blackfoot Indians used Bazzania 
trilobata (L.) S.F. Gray to make a yellow dye.  Bazzania, he said, "grows on 
pines of the Rocky Mountains."  Any idea what this might be?

In 1951, Castetter and Bell reported that the Cocopa Indians used the seeds of 
Glaucotheca armata O.F. Cook (Blue Palm) in gourd rattles.

In 1966, Franz Boas reported that the Kwakiutl indians of British Columbia 
used Penoedanum leiocarpum as a cough medicine:  the seeds were kept in the 
mouth and the saliva swallowed to loosen the phlegm for hoarseness and coughs. 

I cannot find these three taxa listed in any of my sources.  Can anyone help?

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