Transplanting large shrubs

Chris McAllister ca_mcallister at
Mon Aug 8 16:54:58 EST 1994

Hello!  I posted several months ago, asking about transplanting 
Big Sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata), and received many helpful replies.

Since then, I have heard rumors about agencies and companies
 in the western United States (mining companies, landscape companies,
 etc.) that successfully transplant large, mature shrubs (i.e. >1meter 
tall), using large tree-transplanters, or in some cases, front-end loaders. 
I most often hear this in connection with revegetation activities at old 
mining sites.  Can anyone tell me names of companies that might be 
doing this type of work?  Any leads would help. 

Thanks very much!
Chris McAllister
ca_mcallister at

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