Prenanthes purpurea

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>    Apparently Prenanthes purpurea is a currently accepted species, one of
> about 40 that have wide distribution in N. Amer., Europe, Canaries, trop.
> Africa, and temp. & trop. Asia. P. purpurea (fam. Asteraceae) is native to
> northern Europe and has purple flowers that hang face down on long stems. 
> The common name is purple lettuce. see Fitter, A. 1987. Wild Flowers of
> Britain and Northern Europe. Univ of Texas Press. p.118 for a color drawing
> of the plant. Hope this helps.  Ray

I have tried to mail you several time s to say thanks but but keep getting a
failed mail message.  So THANKS to Ray Hinchman.  Apologies to other readers
for use of bandwidth.

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