Hand Lens Help Needed

Jeffrey A. Del Col br105 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Thu Aug 11 17:16:40 EST 1994

I am a strictly amateur botanizer who enjoys looking at flowers and insects
close-up.  I've been making do with a folding plastic hand lens, but I want
to get a high quality glass lens.

I have narrowed my choice to the following items, both from Edmund Scientific.

1.  a  10X Hastings triplet

2. a 10x Coddington

Can anyone give me a good evaluation of the performance of these two designs?

The Coddington is significantly less expensive than the Hastings, but it
is by no means cheap ($27).

Is there really that much better performance with the Hastings?

Please e-mail any replies to <<del_col at ab.wvnet.edu>> or to the 
Cleveland Freenet.

Thanks very much.

J. Del Col
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