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> Hello planters:
> I would like to obtain some seed for the Eastern gamagrass Tripsacum 
> dactyloides - Anyone know of a supplier or could spare a few for me to 
> generate my own supply?
> Thanks
> Peta Bonham-Smith
> bonhamp at


Eastern gamagrass (Tripsacum dactyloides) is a large, robust, warm-season
perennial grass native to the central and eastern states of the U.S.  It
will also grow at favorable sites as far west as Colorado.  It is related
to corn (Zea mays) and may grow up to 2 meters+ tall.  There are about 5500
to 8700 seeds per pound.  Eastern gamagrass seed will cost about $15/lb in
small lots (<20 lb); less for larger amounts.  The seed should be
stratified (chilled in a moist, imbibed condition) at 35-40 deg. F for 6 to
8 weeks for best germination.  Eastern gamagrass seed is available from:

Dean Stevens
Gamagrass Seed Company
Rt 1, Box 45
Hiawatha, KS   66434  USA
Phone: (913) 742-3699 or (402) 245-4639

Stock Seed Farms
Rte #1, Box 112
Murdock, NE   68407  USA
Phone: (402) 867-3771

Eastern gamagrass is also often planted as transplants or sprigs.  When
purchased as transplants from suppliers in Florida, a common name often
used for Tripsacum dactyloides is fakahatchee grass.  I have purchased
large, very healthy, clean transplants from:

Horticultural Systems, Inc.
P.O. Box 70 - Golf Course Road
Parrish, FL   34219  USA
Phone: (813) 776-1760   FAX: (813) 776-2410

Hope this helps.  Ray

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