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Joseph Andrew Paulus japaulus at
Fri Aug 19 08:27:30 EST 1994

I've got a couple plants at my lab (grad school) that I would like some
advice on.  

I have a kalanchoe which has grown immensly since I obtained
it, but it hasn't put off any blooms.  It's in a south window, so it gets
sun all day, every day.  Any suggestions?  

Also, I have a holly plant that seems to grow very slowly.  It's in a small
pot, and I don't think it's root bound.  Should it be watered more?  I
usually let all of my plants' soil dry completely before watering (once a

Lastly, I've got a diffenbachia at home that is 5' tall, and has sprouted
an offshoot stem.  The new stem broke off, and has just a few roots growing
on it.  Can I continue to root it in water for a few weeks, or will this
damage it?  

Thanks, I'm only a amateur botanist. 

Joe P

Joseph Andrew Paulus 
japaulus at
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