Message for Gabriele

sarokinl at PT.CYANAMID.COM sarokinl at PT.CYANAMID.COM
Fri Aug 19 09:49:44 EST 1994

     Dear Gabriele,
     I guess you've heard that American Cyanamid accepted American Home 
     Products' offer yesterday. For the moment everbody is a little calmer 
     since they are at least claiming that they will keep the Ag division. 
     There is no real overlap between our division and anything from AHP, 
     so we're hoping it works out. Still, the financial analysists quoted 
     in the paper keep saying that they will make a lot of money if they 
     sell us. I am hoping that everything reamins calm at least until after 
     I have the baby- that will be in December.
     We're still working on the patent- things have been a little 
     complicated during the last few weeks because of the uncertainty. 
     Anyway, it should be filed within the next week or so. Thanks for the 
     address- I was meaning to write and ask you about it. One question 
     that I do have is about the stable assay data. Did anyone ever do 
     stable assays on BMS cell lines transformed with 35S-GUS to get an 
     idea about relative promoter strength in the stable assay? All I have 
     is data for the AHAS-GUS, and we don't really know how strong the 
     promoter is. Anyway, if you can remember any assays having been done 
     (by either you or Jane), please let know about when so I can try to 
     find the data in a notebook somewhere.
     When the patent is written up I will send you a copy. Also - I guess 
     Steve must have already asked you about the paper, and it would be 
     good for him to have it published in case anything happens here. If 
     you want some help, feel free to send me a copy for comments/ 
     Hope everything is going well with you and your family.

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