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Una Smith una at doliolum.biology.yale.edu
Tue Aug 23 18:26:21 EST 1994

Howie Brounstein <howieb at delphi.com> wrote:

>This program, or one very similar to it, is available free from a number of
>the botanically oriented sites including the Australia Botanical Gardens.
>Try gophering to muse.bio.cornell.edu
>Check out DELTA ...

The package you're refering to is loosely known as the DELTA
package, consists of several parts:

DELTA	for generating formatted databases from raw information,
	and other related tasks.  Used by the experts who build
	keys in DELTA format.

INTKEY	for viewing the information in those database keys in an
	extremely useful way.  (It's good for exploring your
	assumptions about the morphology of a taxon, as well as
	an aid for routine identification)

And various databases for specific groups (including ANGIO for
angiosperm families, and others for smaller plant groups).  Plus
there are some collections of GIF images of plants (most taken
from books whose copyrights have long expired).

I believe there is no charge for the images, but the INTKEY and
DELTA portions are not free.  (Total cost for students is $100,
I think:  see one of the README files.)

Please help to support further development of this extremely
valuable work by paying this very reasonable fee, if you use
the software.

	Una Smith			smith-una at yale.edu

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