chlorophyll paper chromatography

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>Hi netters,

>I have a question that I hope that one of you or more than one of you can
>answer.  I will be teaching an intro biology course this fall and would like to
>do a plant pigment extraction followed by paper chromatography.  All of the
>techniques that I have found use methanol and pet ether and I would rather not
>use pet ether if I can avoid it.  Is there any chromatography solvent solutions
>for chlorophyll etc; that do not use pet ether but work reasonably well.  I
>would appreciate hearing about them.  Either e-mail me or post here.  Thanks a


My colleagues (Chris Smith, Bob Curtright and Jim Rynearson) and I are
setting up a prototype of an electronic lab manual for high school 
science teachers.  It just so happens that what we have worked on so 
far includes experiments with plant pigments (chlorophylls, 
carotenoids and anthocyanins).  If you have either gopher or ftp 
access, you can download what we have and use it if it helps.

Point your gopher to, select items "6. Research 
Actvivities and Funding", "2. Databases", and "1. BRAIN".

Alternately, access via anonymous ftp to and follow the
/pub/orgs/brain/education/experiments/biochemistry directory tree.

The two experiments which deal with chromatography of plant pigments 
for high school students are biochem3.exp and biochem4.exp.

If you don't have access to gopher or ftp, it may be possible to send 
them via email.

For more information on our prototype system or help with downloading,
try contacting Chris Smith (csmith at

I hope this helps.

John Markwell

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