Epilobium Angustofolium

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>	I am trying to start some Fireweed plants in the New Jersey area.  
>Are there any special 
>considerations in getting these plants established and thriving in the east 
>at sea level.  Also looking for sources for plants that can be mailed.  
>	So far, my only source has been Plants of the Southwest in Santa Fe, 

Try some NE Botanical gardens, they may have seed.

I've done quite a bit of work with E. angustifolium.  It is not a fast one
to start- it requires a bit of delicate treatment at first.  Usually
I started the seeds on water agar, than transferred the germinating seeds
to cell-packs, which were kept moist but not soggy by using a loose-fitting
cover.  Use 1:1:1 sand/soil/peat moss.  The big thing is that the seedlings
like LOTS of light- their appearance in forest clearcuts and burn-overs
is promoted by the sudden increase in light due to tree canopy removal.
After the 2-3 leaf stage, I transferred to 6 in. diam. pots.  It takes about
13 weeks to pass the rosette stage and start to bolt to the flowering stage.
I discovered that transplanting to the field where fireweed does not normally
grow does not work unless you use plants that are at least 7 wk. old.


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