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Subject:    RE>Inquiries about International Botanical Code
Earlier Dave Haas wrote to inquire about the International Code of
Botanical Nomenclature (ICBN) and today Bill Williams asked a similar
question and Steve Carpenter replied. 
I responded to Dave Haas earlier and this is a paraphrase of my response. 
In our department here at SIUC we have a plant taxonomist who is a member
of the group which meets to discuss the ICBN and any to approve any changes
to be made in it. 
His name is Raymond Stotler and he is a bryologist. 
He tells me that the the ICBN is reviewed at meeetings of the International
Botanical Congress which meets every six years; the last time was in 1993
in Tokyo; the next will be in 1999 in St.Louis at the Missouri Botanical
Any and all botanists are welcome to come and join in at the meetings. 
Naming of plants is based on the rules set forth in the most recent ICBN
which was updated in 1993. 
The newest edition of the ICBN was just published. It is called 'Regnum
Vegetabile' Vol 131 and was released by Koeltz Scientific Books in
Koenigstein, Germany. 

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