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Dear friends and colleagues:
The Ukrainian Academy of Sciences would like to share the following 

The UAS is currently organizing an International Biological Expedition to 
the regions of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.  The goals of the 
expedition are very diverse since it is being put together by such scientific
institutions of the UAS as the Institutes of Botanics, Zoology, Biology 
of Southern Seas, Hydrobyology, Physiology of Plants, Genetics, 
Cultivation of Flora, and several others.  One of the common goals of all 
the prospective members is to collect samples of the flora and fauna in 
order to expand the existing gene pool of the flora and fauna of other 
regions of the world, and to compose new collections for the museums of 
botanics, zoology, marine life, etc.  Besides, each participating 
scientist will pursue his specific interest.

The expedition is planning to leave Sevastopol (Russia) in December 1994 
and sail along the following route:  Sevastopol-Stambul-Alexandria-Lisbon-
-Boston-Caracas-Belem-Manaus-Belem-Rio de Janeiro-Capetown-Madagascar-Lome-
-Las Palmas-Haifa-Sevastopol with a lot of stops at various smaller sites 
in between.  The expedition should take around 4 months.  Right now the
Organizing Committee is working on the possibility of also visiting 
Australia and some Pacific islands, but the final decision depends on the 
availability of funds.

Financial side of the planning is currently the hardest.  Having lost 
most of the governmental funding previously available before the crisis 
in the USSR, the UAS is looking for sponsors.  So far they were able to find
several sponsors in Western Europe and the USA, but it still has not 
solved the problem. 

That is why the Organizing Committee of the expedition decided to offer a 
unique opportunity.  They are willing to take with them anybody who has 
interest in the expedition and can pay the required fee.

The expedition is guaranteed to be absolutely fascinating.  This is not 
the first expedition of that kind organized by the UAS.  A similar one 
was undertaken in 1991 and was internationally recognized as a big success.

The scientific crew will consist of 50 specialists, half of whom are from 
Ukraine and Russia, and half - from Western Europe.  Also, there will be 
approximately seventy sailors on board.  The boat itself is a very 
comfortable large vessel, fully equipped for scientific purposes.
Every passenger will occupy a separate cabin originally built for 2 people.
The boat has a big canteen, buffet-bar, bakery, library, videosalon, gym,
pool room, volleyball grounds, ping-pong room, and a sauna with a 
swimming pool.  The service of a physician and the necessary medical 
supplies will be available.

The above mentioned route reflects only the major stops of the 
expedition.  In reality, there will be many more.  A lot of smaller sites 
are not specified yet simply because the exact route is still being 
drafted.  All the passengers on board will have entrance visas to all the 
countries the expedition might visit.  In cities and towns everybody will 
have enough time to do sightseeing.  As for the scientific part of the 
expedition, all the passengers are invited to join the specialists.  The 
scientists will spend most of the time in the jungle, mountains, under 
water exploration.  The non-scientists are invited to participate in 
absolutely every aspect of the expedition.  The crew will also enjoy 
exotic fishing experiences, rafting, horse back riding, under-water 
film sessions, and so on.  the scientists offer their help in composing 
private collections of unique minerals, plants, fish, as well as in the 
legalization of the collections with the customs officials.

Besides simply participating, everybody is welcome to contribute ideas to 
the general plan.  The route can be slightly changed, and any suggestions 
regarding the sites of the scientific interest will be appreciated.

The organizers of the expedition believe the experience will be 
particularly interesting for biologists, oceanologists, writers, 
journalists, film producers, as well as for anybody interested in nature, 
anthropology, and travel in general.  The fee for the participants who 
are not the members of the scientific crew if $ 16 000 per person. 
(Groups starting from 2 people get discounts).  Part of this sum will be 
used towards covering some of the cost of one soviet scientist on board.  
The fee of & 16 000 includes room and board during the 4 months trip, medical
assistance, and participance in the scientific research.  The air-fare to and
from Sevastopol is the responsibility of the passenger, but is inexpensive and
in December costs between $ 400 and $ 600 for a round trip from New York.

The expedition can accept not more than 25 additional passengers.
The organizers of the expedition hope to attract American scientific 
institutions and organizations to support this undertaking.

If any of you, friends and colleagues, have any ideas as for the way to 
sponsor the expedition, we will really appreciate your help.  Please,
address all your suggestions, comments, and requests for further 
information to Tanya Puchkova, tel. (517) 275 5121, ext. 392,
fax. (517) 275 8745, or e-mail: pouchkot at mlc.lib.mi.us

Tanya Puchkova

                                             silvermr at netcom.com

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