Christmas Cactus Q (Tis the season; where are the flowers?)

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Thu Dec 1 08:10:25 EST 1994

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>Hi folks,
>I've had a Christmas cactus (schlumbergera bridgesii) for about
>1.5 years now.
>The problem is, it isn't flowering.  Should I change its environment
>somehow to promote flowering? 

Christmas cactus is a short-day flowering plant. That means you should give
your cactus only about 8 hours of light a day; and 16 hours of darkness.
Just like a pointsettia. 

I usually put mine in a box that I only open 8 hours a day, that way it
gets good "dark".

If you start end of october, beginning of November (too late now I know)
you will have blooms for Christmas.

Good Luck!

Brian W. Tague
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