Christmas Cactus Q (Tis the season; where are the flowers?)

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Mon Dec 5 13:19:04 EST 1994

abu (an138016 at wrote:

: Hi folks,

: I've had a Christmas cactus (schlumbergera bridgesii) for about
: 1.5 years now;  A friend yanked a piece off another plant and
: plopped it into another pot, and it's been growing like crazy
: ever since.  

: The problem is, it isn't flowering.  Should I change its environment
: somehow to promote flowering?  It's getting an average amount of
: water, light, and heat;  no additional fertilizer.

The Christmas cactus is a short day plant.  Round about the first of october
you need to make sure that it gets around 10-14 hours of *dark* every day.
Lots of people stick them in closets or Back Porches, or other places where
they won't be subjected to incandescent light.

Good luck.  (There's a snow white one here in the Botany office  *sigh*)


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