Help with plant?

Lisa Ruffe ruffel at
Thu Dec 8 07:34:00 EST 1994

Well , They were right and wrong about the lighting.  Scheffler's like bright like.
What kind of Fert did you use. You could of OVER FERT. This can cause the leaves to turn brown
. What size pot did you repot into . If you went up to big of a size this could also be a problem
You should only go up ONE pot size for the one it came out of and. 
What kind of soil did you use??   Also you put the plant through some shock 
when you transplantted it and when you gave it FERT. Did you buy form a plant store or a store , s
store.   Does this plant have the BIG leaves or the small leaves?  
More than happy to help you out with you plant.  
I live in Flordia we plant them OUT side. I used to live in New York so I know what to do with them.
ALso, I'm a Horticulturalist.  

In article <3bteo6$l4t at>, sailrat at (Sail rat) says:
>I have recently placed a large Scefflera plant( not certain of the
>spelling ) in my home. I repotted and fed it after purchase. I was told at
>the time of purchase that this plant was suited for low to medium light .
>I have noticed the loss and browning of many leaves daily for the last
>week.  I would appreciate any suggestions on how to salvage this plant.

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