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:Could some of you folks with maize experience point me in
:direction of information on how best to store maize pollen,
:how to efficiently pollinate maize plants in growth
:I am having trouble finding this basic information.
:Email is best, and thank you very much.
:Karen Snetselaar
:Asst. Professor of Biology
:St. Joseph's University
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and Marty Sachs  USDA/ARS & Agronomy/UIUC   
msachs at [internet] replied.

I agree with what Marty says.  The most critical point with
maize is to maintain light levels of greater than
300microEinstein at all times.  This is difficult to do in a
phytotron unless you use metal halide lamps.  However, we
have had some success with maize in Phytotrons.  I believe
that there were some large phytotrons going begging when
EniGen broke up.
Pollen is very difficult, and basically cannot be stored for
any length of time.  Cutting the tassels has also worked for

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