Can Plants feel pain?

Thu Dec 8 21:54:49 EST 1994

In article <mcnei002.786875937 at>, mcnei002 at (Kenneth J McNeil) writes:
>The book, "The Secret Life of Plants" presents a convincing bit of work 
>suggesting that not only can plants sense pain, but they can sense that 
>you are going to inflict pain into them. 
>Someone hooked a plant to a lie detector and then thought about 
>inflicting some stress on the plant. The plants responded with an adverse 
>reaction as recorded by the lie detector.  
>What would a lawns reaction be to the thought of a mowing, or just the 
>sound of the mower?  ;)

Hello bionetters - I can't resist this one since it goes back to my past life.
In the 1970's worked for the head of security at place that used the 
lie-detector expert named in secret life 
- except that the lie detector expert who was quite good a working with people
and lie detectors, really knew nothing about plants and that 
plants have electro chemical responses.
And, what is even worse, I did work for one of the people described in secret
life of plants - I was very young and naive and a secretary in England.  Anyway,
the man was a charlatan, who was in profound trouble with the FDA - Kirlian
photography that he claimed was a result of thought waves, etc.  
He sold boxes with unconnected wires that were supposed to cure people 
.... only he could not cure his own illnessness ... and he changed his name
because he thought his real name was far too ordinary 
- and the last I heard was an article in the London Times that 
he was being sued for taking someone's life savings).
So, I really wouldn't take Secret Life too seriously!!! But thanks for
reminding me of a really funny time when I was much younger!

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