Repository needed for Yunnan collection

Gerald W. Roe en767 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Sun Dec 11 06:18:08 EST 1994

Our nursery is working with the Kun Ming Botannical Institute in  

China on arranging a plant exploration and collection trip to 

Yunnan Province in the spring of 1995. We made a reconnaissance 

trip last spring and found the area to be a botanical treasure 

trove; however there were serious difficulties with the local 

authorities regarding permission to collect there. Through 

negotiations with the locals at that time, and with the Kun Ming 

Institute on a subsequent trip, we have paved the way for what we 

hope will be a very fruitful mission. The Institute will provide 

us with guides, vehicles, drivers, translators, etc. 


As part of the conditions of the cooperative venture, we need to 

establish American repositiories for the Yunnan collection. The 

Foster Botanical Gardens in Hawaii has agreed to handle the 

tropical portion of the collection, and we are now seeking a 

similar institution to handle the temperate zone plants. This 

could be either a university or a private botanical garden. We 

favor a site in the state of Oregon, but would be willing to 

consider other sites. If your institution would be interested in 

handling the collection, please email me. 

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