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Diana Ralston ralston at ROCKVAX.ROCKEFELLER.EDU
Tue Dec 13 10:19:39 EST 1994



	Applications invited for position in Dept. of Plant Physiology, 
Institute of Molecular Biology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. 
Applicants should have performed research in plant biochemistry, 
molecular biology and/or genetics, and be working with modern cellular 
or molecular approaches in a research area complementing that of current 
research in the Dept. Experience with Arabidopsis or yeast molecular 
genetics can be an added qualification.
	A successful assistant prof. applicant will be expected to 
participate in dept. teaching to obtain experience necessary to qualify 
for later tenure. Employment as an assistant prof. requires Ph.D. or 
equal scientific degree. This position is temporary for three years, and 
will be filled if suitable candidates are not found at the associate 
prof. level.
	A successful associate prof. candidate will be expected to 
participate at all levels of dept. curriculum. If applicant lacks 
documented teaching experience, employment may be conditional for trial 
18month period. Employment as associate prof. requires qualifications 
corresponding to those normally obtained during employment as assistant 
prof. including scientific production at an international level.
	Applications will be reviewed by an evaluation committee and a 
report of all evaluations will be sent to all applicants.  The committee 
may require selected applicants to interview and/or lecture, and provide 
further supporting information or materials. All documentation will be 
confidential. Appointment will be made by contract in accordance with 
agreements between the Ministry of Finance and the Danish Conferderation 
of Professional Associations.
	Applications should clearly indicate which position(s) is/are 
being sought. Applications should also include: curriculum vitae, 
publication list indicating which of the titltes are particularly 
relevant to the position, three copies of such relevant publications, 
documentation of teaching experience, and a short (1-5p.) outline of 
current research interests and plans.
	Applications, marked L/20-94, should be addressed to the Rektor of 
the University of Copenhagen, c/o The Faculty of Science, Blegdamsvej 3, 
2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark. It must contain the original applications, 
cv., and list of publications. A second package should be sent to: The 
Institute of Molecular Biology, Oster Farimagsgade 2A, 1353 Copenhagen 
K, containing in three copies: the application, cv., list of 
publications, and any relevant publications. According to Danish custom, 
co-authored publications should include documentation explaining the 
percentage work done by each collaborator, and preferably signed by all 

Further information may be obtained from the Head of the Institute (tel. 
45 35 32 20 00, fax. 45 35 32 21 28) or via mundy at biobase.dk. 
Applications must be received by the Faculty of Science no later than 
12:00 am February 1, 1995.

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