Northern Palm limit, UK

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Wed Dec 14 04:24:09 EST 1994

Hi, this is brief as I have tried to reply to this question but do not know
where my reply went!
Palms in the British isles; commonest "palm" is in fact not a palm but a
member of the agavaceae, Cordyline australis, the fan, cabbage or Torquay palm.

Three members of the palmae can cope  with the warmer parts of our climate
Trachycarpus (formerly Chamaerops) fortunei, fan, Chusan or windmill palm
this is the hardiest coming from the Himalayas.
Chamaerops humilis, Dwarf fan or European palm, native to sothern Europe.
Jobaea chilensis, the Chilean wine palm, the least hardy.

All are usually planted but Cordyline and Trachycarpus are naturalised in some

Dr Kevin reiling
Staffordshire university, UK

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