Flowering Diefenbochia Houseplant???

Ken Shackleton kshack1 at agt.alta.net
Thu Dec 22 15:33:56 EST 1994

Can anyone help me? In our house has an old (10+ yrs) Diefenbochia (sp?) 
that is flowering? It started the other day, and has never done it 
before. I have never heard of this, and was under the impression that 
these plants were assexual, being only reproduced by cuttings. 
The flower is protruding from a brand new leaf at the top of the plant, 
(the plant is 8 ft tall), it has the appearance of one of those small 
cobs of corn that are common in Chinese food, yellow, and about 6 inches 
long, and 1/2 inch wide.
Any info would be greatly appreciated. 

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