Kombucha Tea Mushroom

cburd klaus at clark.net
Sat Dec 24 20:49:38 EST 1994

Me too!  I've seen a LITTLE info at unc.sunsite.edu.  Also, you might 
email conrad at richters.com, he knows aome about it.  Still trying to 
find more info myself.  In the flyer, did it say how to get the 
mushroom or the tea?

Brahmin (brahmin at aol.com) wrote:
: I saw recently in a flyer that this is a gift from God! I would like to
: learn more about it.  If any one has any information on this subject, I
: would appreciate hearing from you.  I thank you in advance, have a happy
: holiday season and the best New Year ever.

Carl Burd <klaus at clark.net>

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