Propigation of rhizomes

James J Brennan kaosysop at
Tue Feb 1 11:36:05 EST 1994

I'm posting this for my Wife who is in the local "Master Gardners" group.

She was asked for information on the propigation of a yucca called 

The specific question was that the caller had seen somplace a discription 
of a method of propagating the plant using some sort of a gel like solution,
and a fertilizer of some sort.  He wanted more iformation on the products, 
and the process, which reportedly shortens the time needed to establish the

Kay.Klier at responded with some suggestions (1 below), one of which 
was that I leave a query in this news group.

Any suggestions or info appreciated.

(1 partial quote)

Ooh... no... but I bet it's some form of tissue culture, which is a fairly
specialized "art".  I'd refer the questioner to the horticulture dept
of the state landgrant university...  if that doesn't help, maybe some
of the tissue culture "artistes" on bionet.plants may have some better

The "gel" and "special fertilizer" sound awfully like the agar and
nutrient media used for tissue culture...  esp. if the caller is
talking about cuttings of leaves.

Kay Klier  Biology Dept  UNI


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