tropical rainforests

Anne Lisnic ljepa at uxa.cso.uiuc.ed
Sun Feb 6 18:02:30 EST 1994

I am working on a project of restoring a disturbance of a tropical system
(subtropical: tropical. Humid. 1-2 months dry).  My goal is to restore an
area that has underwent a year of farming and up to 2 fires.  I would like
some information about specific plant species that may aid in
reestablishing this disturbed area.  In particular, the species of Cordia
multispicata, Solanum crinitum, Maximiliana maripa, or Eucalyptus are of
interest to me.  I am aware that Cordia multispicata and Solanum crinitum
are shrub-like lianas and trees, respectively.  Also, they are prudent for
restoration because they contain fruits that attract birds for seed
dispersal I am also aware that the Maximiliana maripa is of importance
because of its seeds are quite large and have thick shells.  Finally,
Eucalyptus is of interest because it can be planted in abandoned
grass-dominated pastures.   Any responses please write:
ljipa at or 
houch at  Thank you!!

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