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: > I am currently reorganizing my Plant Physiology course and am looking for new
: > ideas for lab period experiments/exercises.

: Check out a brand new book, Experiments in Plant Physiology, by Carol Reiss
: of Cornell University, published by Prentice Hall, 1994.  It's a winner.

: (I'm not a completely disinterested party)

Also, look at:

Weyers, J.D.B. and Meidner, H. (1990), Ed. "Methods in Stomatal
Research", Longman Scientific & Technical, Harlow, England, pp 129-155.

I devised a method of peeling a known area of epidermis from the leaves
of Commelina communis during my PhD at Lancaster (see: Weyers, J.D.B.
and Travis, A.J. (1981) Selection and preparation of leaf epidermis for
experiments on stomatal physiology, Journal of Experimental Botany, 32,
1169-1179) which Jonathan has now raised to a fine art ;-)

Commelina communis is easy to grow and we used to run student practical
classes incubating pieces of epidermis in small petri-dishes under
different conditions.  Cheap, easy and very interesting experiments.

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