Suggestions for nursery and plant propagation practical exercises?

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Sun Feb 13 23:34:36 EST 1994

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>Subject: Suggestions for nursery and plant propagation practical exercises?
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>Date: Tue, 8 Feb 1994 05:00:06 GMT

>Hi I  see other writers getting ideas from this group so why not myself.
>I am planning  the practicals that might be associated with the teaching
>of undergraduate students  about nursery production (particularly
>outdoor) and advanced plant propagation.

We conducted a new and very successful grafting laboratory in my plant 
propagation class this year using Hibiscus rosa-sinensis.  In the past, 
grafting lab has been a difficult one to teach since success with many 
species requires a fair amount of practice.  This year we stuck hibiscus 
cuttings in March and by October had approx. 1 meter tall whips for 
each student.  Since cuttings came from 3 cultivars 
differing in flower color, students could intergraft various combinations of 
pink, yellow and red flowering stocks and scions.  A considerable variety of 
techinques worked in the 80 to 90% success range, including top wedge 
graft, whip and tongue graft, T-bud, chip bud, etc.  In many cases students 
took home multicolored flowering plants at Christmas break.  I don't know 
if this is "advanced" enough, but it works well, and gives a student the 
positive reinforcement which only comes with success.   

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