Walking onions (repost)

Terry Morse morset at ccmail.orst.edu
Tue Feb 15 12:00:22 EST 1994

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From: mmcmenam at mtholyoke.edu (Mark A. Mcmenamin)
Subject: Walking onions
Date: 13 Feb 1994 01:18:21 GMT
Can someone help me with a botanical question? It concerns the Rocambole
or Egyptian walking onion (Allium cepa, variety viviparum). Are the
bulbils by which this variety propagates clones of the mother plant
genome, or are seeds (offspring) which have sprouted and developed while
still attached to the mother plant. I have already received conflicting
answers to this question from botanical colleagues, and the answer is
important for a paper I am working on.
With thanks, Mark McMenamin
PS--Seems to me that this question would make a challenging PhD orals

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