Desert Ecology Field Assistant

Tue Feb 22 14:56:27 EST 1994

At this time of year, I sometimes get capable students graduating
in Biology, who wish to experience the REAL stuff before packing up to
graduate school or the private sector. Such students would like to work
as field assistants in ecology, and are willing to commit up to one year
for the job. Salary must provide food and board at the very least.

My question to netters: How do I link up such students (maybe 2 or 3 per year)
with ecologists out there who need educated assistance to generate or
process field data?

For a start, Ms. Susan Redmond would like to join a field research effort
studying DESERT ECOLOGY / BOTANY.  Any netters willing to take on this 
able and educated woman at the bargain rates she is willing to work for,
should reply to me.

					Thank you, 
							Tufts University
							Medford, MA

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