Hort Club Help Needed!!!!!!

BIDEE, BIDEE, BOP * asc005 at acad.drake.edu
Tue Feb 22 14:29:28 EST 1994

        Hello, my name is Andy Crouch and I am a student at Drake University.
I am looking to start a gardening club here at Drake and Im wondering if
anybody on this group has any information that might help me get the group
founded.  Drake is a medium sized, private University and there has never been
a Gardening/Horticulture club here so I've got my work cut out for me...
        I am specifically looking for help in finding an advisor, speaker
ideas, financial and structural support and any other info that anyone
might have about their clubs or experience.
        Email please for i do not peruse this group very often.
                                Andy Crouch
                                asc005 at acad.drake.edu
                                asc005 at dunix.drake.edu


  --Seize The Night

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