CAT scans for plants?

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In article <luckman-220294134325 at> luckman at (Greg Luckman) writes:
>It occurred to me that the medical world has a whole range of machines
>designed to allow them look at tissues in a non-destructive, non-invasive
>manner.  They use ultra-sound, CAT scanners, Magnetic Resonance Imagery and
>PET scanners to produce images of soft and hard tissues.  I can't think of
>any reason why plants could not be imaged in the same way. 
>My questions are:
>Have any of these techniques been used to look at plant tissues?
>(references please)
>What are the resolution limits?
>Are there any alternative methods to get the images?

M. Warmund et. al. used Magnetic Resonance Imaging to look at vascular
connections in apple buds grafted onto a particular rootstock:
	M.R. Warmund, B. H. Barritt... 1993. J. American Society of Hort.
Science 118(1):92-96.

They cite a paper by Chien Yi Wang and Paul C. Wang on the use of Nuclear
Magnetic Resonance Imaging to nondestructively detect core breakdown in
pear fruits.  1989. HortScience 24(1):106-109.  Impressive photos!

Wang and Wang cite some other interesting references:

Bottomley, P.A. et. al. 1986. NMR imaging shows water distribution and
transport in plant root systems in sity. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 83:87-89.

Brown, J.M. et. al. 1986. In vivo magnetic resonance microscopy of
changing water content in Pelargonium hortorum roots. Plant Physiol.

Omasa, K. et. al. 1985. NMR imaging of measuring root system and soil
water content. Env. Control Biol 23:99-102.

Wang, P.C. & S.J. Chang. 1986. Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging of wood.
  Wood & Fiber Sci. 18:308-314.

   I'm also interested in non-destructive methods for examining the
development of graft unions in woody plants, with the objective of early
prediction of compatible/incompatible combinations.  Would like to hear
about any references or experiences in this regard.

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