Forcing buds on oak cuttings

Jeffrey P Schnurr schnurr at
Tue Feb 22 21:53:33 EST 1994

As a sideline the my independent research, I am trying to micropropagate 
an exceptional 25 year old English Oak x ? hybrid.  My problem is getting 
enough tissue to do good trials.  I've collected scion-wood in Oct. and 
chilled it for 3 months and gotten about 50% budbreak but no elongation.  
Also, this tissue would dessicate after 2 or 3 days.  Now, I've collected 
branches off the tree (Feb. 15) and have them in a forcing sol'n. with 
BA, GA, sucrose, and an anti-microbial agent, but the buds aren't 
swelling.  If anyone has any ideas about a good source of tissue to work 
with I'd really appreciate it.  Also. this tree has proven very difficult 
to graft so there is really no "rejuvenated" tissue to work with.  With 
shoot-tips during last summer, I had no success with previously published 
protocols for micropropation of oak.  I'm kind of stumped and since I can't 
really spend too much time with this work; I hope to hear some ideas I 
havn't thought of.  Could you reply via e-mail since I'm learning Usenet 
and lose posting sometimes.

Jeff Schnurr

Graduate Student
North Dakota State University
Fargo, ND 58105.

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