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Wed Feb 23 09:57:57 EST 1994

In the vein of the recent post by Ellmore,
Are there graduating BS students that you know who would like
to get some lab experience under their belt in plant molecular
I am looking for research assistant to work with me to do a 
variety of standard molecular techniques.  I believe the hiring
policy of Rockefeller is for a two year commitment.  Pay and
benefits are good.  
Ideally, the candidate should have a background in molecular
biology and some lab experience.  Familiarity/interest in
plants is a plus.
There is ample opportunity for the candidate to learn a great
deal about plant and animal molecular biology.  

Please bring this position to the attention of any students who
may be interested.
Diana Horvath
Chua Lab
The Rockefeller University
ralston at

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