Fagopyrin: Extraction & Purification.

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Mon Feb 28 12:00:35 EST 1994

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>       Fagopyrin: Extraction & Purification - Request for References.
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> Does anyone know about the procedure or any related literature on extraction
> and purification of FAGOPYRIN, the photodynamic principle present in Buckwheat
> ( Fagopyrum esculentum ) ?
> Sunil Samel. ( samel at imec.be )

In "Buckwheat in India" (NBPGR, 1991), B.D. Joshi writes:  "A
photodynamically active pigment, fagopyrin, related to hypericin, as been
isolated from dried flowers by extraction with methyl alcohol followed by
fractionation and chromatographic adsorption.  The pigmaent is stated to be
present only n the flowers and the hulls and not in the laves, stem and
flour.  This property of buckwheat will be of immense value in the modern
times when there is all fear of nuclear holocaust."

Unfortunately he does not provide the original referce for the isolation of
fagopyrin, not the all-important details of chromatography.

In a very thorough review of all the stuff in buckwheat, Pomerantz does not
mention fagopyrin.  (CRC Crit. Rev Food Sci. & Nutrition 19:213-258, 1983).
 The main medicinal compund isolated from buckwehat is rutin, for which
there are many references.

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