medicinal wildflowers

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Tue Jan 11 14:34:34 EST 1994

Hello, my name is Chynna Steeves and I am a student at Mendocino 
Middle School. I am in the eighth grade and am doing a project on wild- 
flowers. I am interested in learning more about wildflowers. My 
investigative question is "What types of medicinal wildflowers bloom in 
the different seasons?"
	For my project I am going to make a wildflower guide book. I 
would like to learn about wildflowers' medicinal purposes. If you know of 
any books or magazines or if you have any information on my topic that 
you think could help me, it would be greatly appreciated. 
                                               Please write to;

Cory Wisnia e-mail to
cwisnia at

Thank you -Chynna --

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