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Fri Jan 14 12:04:56 EST 1994

You ought to check out Tales of the Shaman's Apprentice, by Plotkin, 
which is in the stores now.  There are lots of suggestive leads in this 
book.  You could contact Plotkin himself for that matter.  He was at 
Harvard and maybe still is.  You could also contact Lisa Conte or her 
colleagues at Shaman Pharaceuticals in Northern California for current leads.
P Wickware
Oakland, CA

On Fri, 14 Jan 1994, Cynthia wrote:

> I am looking for programs in graduate study (MS/PhD) in Ethnobotany.
> The Peterson's guides haven't been much help.  :)  I've surmised
> that this may be partly due to the interdisciplinary nature of the,
> erm, discipline.  I've been given one tip regarding the Smithsonian's
> ethnobotany program which is probably affiliated with some university,
> and have a number of books and journals at my disposal of Ethnobotany
> papers on various areas of the world, but would still appreciate
> any advice about graduate departments that anyone might happen to
> know a bit about.
> I don't have a degree in Bio but I do have a Bachelor's, and
> a lot of background in Biology and other sciences, as well as
> anthro and American Studies, and have done a lot of personal
> research into medicinal & other plants.
> thank you
> Cynthia Murphy
> camurphy at
> aa009 at

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