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Tue Jan 25 09:28:57 EST 1994

In article <2huprb$6uo at>, calsstu at (Ernest Crvich) writes:
|> 	If anyone knows where I can find electronic information relating to the
|> hobby of growing cacti and succulents (indoors), such as newsgroups, 

Don't know if you catch rec.gardens or not, so here's a recent article
describing what you may be looking for:


Article: 20337 of rec.gardens
From: jewett at (Bob Jewett)

A new mailing list has just been formed for the discussion of cacti and
other succulents.  (A mailing list is basically a relay -- any message
you send to it is sent to all subscribers.)

If you would like to subscribe to it, you need to send email to a the
"list server", the e-mail address of which is listserv at
The subject is unimportant, but the body of the message should consist of
a single line like:

subscribe cacti_etc William McKinley

(Of course you should substitute your own real pronounceable non-electronic
name in the place of William's.)

After that, you will be sending messages to "cacti_etc at",
as described in the automatic response you'll be getting.


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