Secondhand bookshops

Jean Gerrath JGERRATH at
Thu Jan 27 13:42:27 EST 1994

In response to the request about second hand bookshops specializing 
in botanical history and illustrations, I might be able to help a 
bit.  Last May, while visiting London for a few days, I literally 
stumbled upon the big annual Antiquarian book sale at the Russell 
Hotel, Russell Square.  The whole main floor and ballroom were jammed 
with stalls of antiquarian books, and many dealers had biologically-
oriented books.  I certainly didn't see all the stalls, but one of 
the dealers I talked to specializes in Darwin.  His name is:

M. E. Korn, 47 Tetherdown, London N10 1NH
Tel: 081-883 5251.

He must be just one of dozens.  Have you ever just wandered along 
Charing Cross Road?  There are lots of shops there that sell 
botanical illustrations of varying quality and price.  Happy hunting.

Jean Gerrath
Department of Horticultural Science
University of Guelph
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

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