designer plants - a general warning

John Cheeseman j-cheeseman at
Sun Jan 30 17:32:00 EST 1994

I am teaching a course on the Form and Function of Higher Plants.  The
emphasis of the semester is the design from "scratch" of a plant that will
be suitable for life in an ecosystem/habitat selected and defined by each
student.  Design includes anatomy, morphology and physiology.  To make the
semester interesting, I have divided the class into four groups to work on
the restoration/rehabilitation/population of degraded/converted lands in
the tropics, using Guanacaste National Park and adjacent areas as a model
place to put things.

I have informed the class that they have all the resources of the world at
their disposal, including this news group.  While I would be more than
interested to hear from anyone wishing to make suggestions or anyone with a
class interested in participating, I am also issuing the WARNING that
postings from our end are likely to show up.  Please give them some thought
if they are thought-worthy.

Question or comments?  Please answer me directly or post a response.

John Cheeseman
University of Illinois
j-cheeseman at

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