Mediteranean Fart Sugars

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Tue Jul 5 16:11:08 EST 1994

Dear keepers of The Net wisdom and knowledge:

We are trying to get more information on a human 
condition (genetic?) that involves metabolism of 
certain sugars (apparently).  If the following foods 
are eaten, extreme GI discomfort results:

mellon (canteloupe, honey dew)
brown sugar
maple syrup

Other fruits, and white sugar, causes no problems.  

What do these food have in common?  We are 
hypothesizing that an enzyme or enzymes in the 
metabolic pathways involving sugars may be 
defective.  This condition is apparently common to 
males of Medditeranean origin.

Any information would be appreciated,

Jessica Marie Pisano     pisano at
Yaron Y. Levy

Dept. of Biology, Brandeis University

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