plant-growing shareware

Zac Helmberger zac at
Wed Jul 6 00:53:14 EST 1994

On 5 Jul 1994 01:37:02 GMT, 
Paul Postuma  <ppostuma at> wrote:

>I've written a little shareware program dealing with the propagation of
>plants from seeds and cuttings, dealing both with generals and specifics (
>pun intended).  I'm wondering where I could post this, for uploading.  
>Anyone know of any sites, and who I'd have to contact?
>thanks, Paul
I think you can post it directly to this newsgroup. The only catch is that 
is must be sent in ACSII and not in its binary executable form. ( Don't 
quote me on this!) The easiest way is to post the source code as ascii text 
if you wish to do this. Otherwise there is a program called uuencode which 
fairly easily converts a binary file to an ascii text file which can then 
be posted onto a newsgroup. For MACs I think there is a program called 
StuffIt that does the same thing??


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