Need Fresh Poison Ivy, Pay $1200

Conrad Richter 71550.3411 at
Wed Jul 6 11:33:09 EST 1994

Make Up to $1200 Collecting Poison Ivy

We will buy up to 120 kilograms of fresh-picked poison ivy (Toxicodendron 
radicans; syn. Rhus radicans, Rhus toxicodendron) leaves.  The fresh  
leaves are used in homeopathic medicine.  Must be delivered in person 
immediately after harvest to Goodwood, Ontario, which is about 45 minutes 
northeast of Toronto.  A sample of fresh leaves must be supplied in 
advance to check identity.  

We will pay $10 per kilogram.  Depending on the density of the poison ivy 
stand and the skill of the collectors, it is possible to make $300 to $400
per person per day. It is best to work in teams of three or four collectors  
so that the whole 120 kg can be collected in one day and delivered early the 
next.  Or, we will consider breaking up shipments into smaller, weekly 
amounts of 40 to 60 kg.  

For more information, contact Conrad Richter of Richters Herbs, Goodwood, ON,
L0C 1A0, Canada.

Email: 71550.3411 at
Telephone: +1-905-640-6677

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