What common name for Brassica rapa?

Dr S T May lsrei at csv.warwick.ac.uk
Fri Jul 8 13:03:29 EST 1994

I _guess_ that rapa is an earlier taxonomic name
and wonder if oil-seed rape was included in rapa
historically before the genetics was done?

[napus (OSRape) is a result of an evolutionary
'fusion' between rapa (already listed) and 
oleracea (almost all the other Brassicas you
can think of except mustards - inc. cabbage, 
kale, cauliflower ...etc). napus is an
'allotetraploid' of the two 'diploid' ancestors.]

If anyone knows where I can find the taxonomy 
history to this - I'd be grateful to know :)

BTW - I think OSrape is the most attractive crop
around ;)....especially when mix-cropped with poppy
next to linseed (blue)...Barley and wheat are all
very nice...but a bit bland.  Roll on crops that
fluoresce.....!... *grin*

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