Dying Herb Garden

krystyne at robin.sunnybrook.utoronto.ca krystyne at robin.sunnybrook.utoronto.ca
Fri Jul 8 14:31:17 EST 1994

Hey, hey!   It's me again with another dumb question....   I have a herb
garden sitting in my boyfriend's windowsill.   It receives light from the west,
so it only really sees light for about two hours a day.   In this herb
garden I have: Lemon Thyme (yeah, I finally found some!), Camomille, Garlic,
Lemon Basil, Spearmint, Garlic Chives, Lavendar and last but not least
Greek Oregano.   I've put them all kinda beside eachother in a "balcony-
window ledge" type of pot (you know the kind that attaches to a balcony
railing) and the size of it is approximately 2 and a half feet by 3/4 of
a foot.   Now the reason as to why they are not doing well?   Hmmm, could
it be because some of them require more light than others or could it be
that the herbs need more room (per plant) in which to grow.   Should I
have potted them separately?   But, I've seen herb garden pots and most
of them are in a kit form and are really small.   These silly kits supply
you with at least 8 to 10 different herbs.....   So what the heck am I
doing wrong.   It seems like I have no luck this year with my green thumb,
to me every day it seems more and more like a green 'stick it' fingrer
What the hell is a fingrer anyways?

   By the way the herbs that are doing crappy are; the Spearmint and the
Greek Oregano (which I was told will grow like a weed).  Oh well.


Krystyne (oh yah, by the way Dave is doing very well!)***

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