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Fri Jul 8 18:44:53 EST 1994


Opps! I have forgotten both my own poster and the poster next to mine at the
ISPMB meeting. No more soccer for me! Thank you Thomas for writing in about
the work in Hetherington's lab. What are perigene cells derived from the 
meristemoid? Is a guard cell mother cell considered part of a meristem? If the
CDeT6-19 promoter identifies the stomatal complex at an early enough stage,
this might be used to track whether stomata arrise from files of synchronized

A new member has been added to the list from Keith Davies' lab, Yogesh Sharma.
Yogesh, could you please send a brief message to the net about your research

Yogesh asked me about my work using a porometer to determine stomatal 
conductance in Arabidopsis. The porometer I'm using is the LiCOR 1600C. I use
a 0.5cm2 aperture and I grow the plants singly in tubes in a Percival chamber
on 12hr days. This gives big leaves which hang over the edge of the tube so 
that they can be clamped to the porometer. The address for LiCOR is:

Box 4425
Lincoln, Nebraska 68504 USA
Phone 402-467-3576

Thomas, were you using the delta 4 deletion of AGPase S as your promoter? For
those who need more info on the stomatal specific promoter, The Plant Cell 
6: 601-612. Also, is there any DNA sequence similarity between the 5' 0.3kb
promoter region in this paper and the same portion of the promoter of Nancy
Terryn's rha 1? I know she did not do promoter deletions, but there might be 
a conserved sequence...

Cheers! Ellen

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