walnut tree bark as a natural herbicide

Mike Griggs mhg3 at cornell.edu
Sat Jul 9 18:17:38 EST 1994

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sessions at amrf-po.pmeh.uiowa.edu (Julie Sessions) wrote:

>      Is it true that the bark from walnut trees, mulched or otherwise, works 
>      as a natural herbicide?
>      Is it selective in it's toxicity or does it attack everything 
>      (i.e., broadleaves, monocots)?

The active chemical from this plant (all plant parts exud this) is juglone
= ellagic acid and juglone.

The leachate is considered allellopathic.  It restricts growth of other
plants the only caveat that may be of concern is if this may also reduce
growth of your intended crop.  it is definately a broad scoped inhibitor
of growth.
Hope this helps  Mike

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