The colour of light (Was: Marijuana plant)

Deirdre Sholto-Douglas finch at MCS.COM
Sat Jul 9 13:54:46 EST 1994

David Ianson [BE] (dianson at wrote:
: I don't believe this forum is the place for this conversation.  You are 
: kidding right?  Have you ANY clue as to who monitors these forums.  Do 
: yourself a favor and just drop the subject.  But if you wish to persist 
: perhaps the DEA knows how to grow good plants.  My superiors would love 
: to know your locale.

Agreed, it *is* stupid, assuming that one is trying to cultivate homegrown
ditch-weed.  By the same token, the theoretical question itself is

I seem to recall that most plants absorbed best in the 420-460 nm range...
and slightly less so in the 650-680 nm.  Off the subject of what colour
bulb to play on a cannabis plant, but out of curiosity....I'm assuming
that those absoption spectrum numbers are based on chloroplasts.  Does
anyone know if accessory pigments play a large role in this?  Is there
a noticable difference in absorption in a plant that is high in, say
anthocyanins or phycoerythrin?  Do they operate in the same manner as a
plant which lacks these pigments?

Note to any drug enforcement agencies reading:  The nastiest thing I've
got growing in *my* backyard is crab-grass.  Feel free to come and 
confiscate it. :)



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