What common name for Brassica rapa?

Matti Haack Matti at mattis.oche.de
Sun Jul 10 08:27:00 EST 1994

> In article <2vjk8o$pp7 at crocus.csv.warwick.ac.uk> lsrei at csv.warwick.ac.uk (Dr
> >S T May) writes: Oil seed rape is not Brassica rapa....it is Brassica napus
> I bow to (anyone's) superior knowledge - but it seems strange that "rapa"
> should not be the source of the name "rape".

Rape is Brassica napus ! (Schmeil-Fitschen/Flora von Deutschland)
Brassica rapa L. is in German called "Rübsen" or "Stoppelrübe"
Brassica nigra id called "Senf-Kohl" or "Schwarzer Senf" (black mostard)

Sorry that I couldn`t give you the right englich name...


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