meristemoid, AGPase promoter

altmann at MPIMG-Berlin-Dahlem.MPG.DE altmann at MPIMG-Berlin-Dahlem.MPG.DE
Sun Jul 10 12:08:36 EST 1994

I think I have to applologize for a stupid mistake I did! Of course 
"perigene cells derived from the meristemoid" is a contradicition in itself 
as perigene cells are defined as cells neighboring the guard cells that are 
not derived from the same meristemoid as the guard cells but are produtcs 
of cell divisions of neighboring cells that occurred in relation to the
development of the stoma (according to Hanne Rasmussen, 1981). So more 
correctly I should have said the CDeT6-19 promoter might be induced by ABA 
in guard cells and mesogene cells (those neighbouring cells that are 
ontogenically related to the guard cells) which would indicate a different 
behaviour of these cells as compared to the other epidermis cells (subsidiary 
The promoter we used for the mutant screening was the complete 1.2 kb AGPase S 
promoter (called B-GUS-1 in M\ller-Rvber et al., Plant Cell 6, 601-612) which 
also in Arabidopsis was expressed in a variety of cell types/tissues but in 
leaves showed expression in addition to guard cells only in cells along the
midvein at the leaf base.


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