Water Culture

Dave Johnson djohnson at moose.uvm.edu
Sun Jul 10 09:30:48 EST 1994

Been doing lots of reading about indoor gardening since I miss the 
activities of home and live in the city. Now, lots of the material I have 
been reading have been telling me about soiless gardens, hydroculture 
etc, sounds like lots of fun. I have started already with a cutting of a 
morning glory plant that one of the groundskeepers on campus gave me. I 
am still waiting for it to begin to show roots....
Now, I am wondering, how should a cutting be maintained? Exposed to the 
light or no? Should it go into a nutrient solution right off? What sort 
of a nutrient solution should I put it into?
The books I have are pretty out of date, they give me conflicting answers 
about starting and maintaining a cutting and what I should use for a 
nutrient solution...
Another question I have, for once I have something really growing in a 
nutrient solution, is should I move the solution with say a fishtank pump?
It would seem better, IMHO, to just use a simple airtank pump to move the 
solution throughout the roots as to provide better nutrition.
Thanks in advance for your help!
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