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>Hey, hey!   It's me again with another dumb question....   I have a herb
>garden sitting in my boyfriend's windowsill.   It receives light from the west,
>so it only really sees light for about two hours a day.   In this herb
>garden I have: Lemon Thyme (yeah, I finally found some!), Camomille, Garlic,
>Lemon Basil, Spearmint, Garlic Chives, Lavendar and last but not least
>Greek Oregano.   I've put them all kinda beside eachother in a "balcony-
>window ledge" type of pot (you know the kind that attaches to a balcony
>railing) and the size of it is approximately 2 and a half feet by 3/4 of
>a foot.   Now the reason as to why they are not doing well?   Hmmm, could
>it be because some of them require more light than others or could it be
>that the herbs need more room (per plant) in which to grow.   Should I
>have potted them separately?   But, I've seen herb garden pots and most
>of them are in a kit form and are really small.   These silly kits supply
>you with at least 8 to 10 different herbs.....   So what the heck am I
>doing wrong.   It seems like I have no luck this year with my green thumb,
>to me every day it seems more and more like a green 'stick it' fingrer
>What the hell is a fingrer anyways?
>   By the way the herbs that are doing crappy are; the Spearmint and the
>Greek Oregano (which I was told will grow like a weed).  Oh well.
You need a minimum of four hours of direct sunshine a day, preferably more.
If you can't provide more natural light, consider supplementing with 
artificial light.  Wide spectrum or blue-red lights are the best, but even 
standard cool white fluorescent and incandescent (together) will do.  

Conrad Richter
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